The Importance of an Online Marketing Strategy

These days it is common to see numerous businesses having an internet presence but this does not always guarantee success in marketing online. Businesses need to have a very structured online marketing strategy that offers a road map on how they are going to use various online resources and platforms in order to ensure maximum success in their online marketing. Many internet marketers will tell you that “if you build they will come” but this must not be taken in the literal sense. You do not just build a website and hope that this will be sufficient to meet your business needs.

It is important to have a holistic approach to “building” a presence online.  It is important to take very deliberate steps that will make your website increasingly visible relative to your competitors’, drive more traffic to your website, generate more leads and conversions for your website, and increase your website’s and products and services’ visibility in the major online platforms where your potential customers are more likely to be found. A sound online marketing strategy will leverage and mine every means available in order to drive value to your business.

To put things into perspective, you have to make sure your website is found for a particular product or service out of the millions or potentially billions of web pages available online.  If customers cannot locate you in the search engine results pages, then you cannot get an opportunity to display your shop fronts and your website will be serving zero purpose as far as your business objectives are concerned. A sound marketing strategy is the magnet that will pull your site from the millions of pages and brings at the top so that your customers can find you.

What is the Online Marketing Strategy?

The online marketing strategies refer to the plans and objectives together with activities and practices that will assist you in achieving your stated online marketing objectives. Online marketing is multi-faceted and highly diverse so there will be plenty of plans and objectives that you will be drawing as part of your strategy to move to the top.  You cannot, however, implement hundreds or potentially thousands of plans for your online marketing. So you must whittle these down to the high impact plans that will offer you a maximum ROI.

What do these entail?

There is so much that you can cover in your marketing strategy depending on your business objectives. A digital strategy can constitute PPC marketing or pay per click advertising, content marketing and social media marketing amongst others. The marketing strategy does not just involve execution. There must also be measurement and monitoring of the marketing campaigns so that these can be tailored accordingly to ensure maximum returns.

Before the marketing strategy can take off, it is important to carefully evaluate your current online presence as well as that of your closest competitors so that you can determine where to make the interventions. A “blind” marketing strategy is unlikely to see much ROI for your business.

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